Marketing strategies for accountants

If you’re an accountant, or in any seemingly generic field of business, how the hell can you market your business?

Any marketing strategy worth investing in needs to have clear goals, and plans in place that outline how they will be achieved. If you are looking for a method to develop a strategy that works better than generic “We’ll do your tax return” me too advertising.

It is not uncommon for businesses to get a little stuck on the fact that you can, and do service anyone and everyone.

That’s not a problem in running a business, it is, however, a problem when attempting to market that business. It’s too broad a brush stroke and any message that speaks to “everyone” will be so generic it won’t entice anyone to buy your product or service.

How do you get around this? You need to segment your marketing efforts, decide on a few valuable niches and develop an offer that will be appealing to them. Some segmentation factors worth considering:

  • Geographic area – specific walk in custom?
  • Demographic – male, female, age, married, kids?
  • Price – are you going to compete on price? If not, you need to convince your audience it’s worth paying more
  • Benefits – what’s the benefit of engaging your services instead of the competition (don’t fall into the trap of bagging the alternatives, unless you like looking unprofessional)
  • Value – if your price is higher do you offer far better value?
  • Specific service, or level of service – do you have a speciality? “We specialise in servicing self-employed tradesmen” for example

You may target more than one niche at a time and I would suggest that you probably should. Ask yourself, who are our most valuable clients, who’re easy to deal with, who buys additional services beyond a single transaction?

What services can you offer, could you develop a special package of services and products that would appeal to one of these niches? “Tax minimisation packages for Real Estate Agents” for example?

What’s the hardest industry to market, let me know in the comments.

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