Responsive website design – this is right now

Have you shut the front door on mobile visitors?

We’ve all had that experience, you fight your way through a website on your phone to find some important piece of information that is relevant to you right here and now, pinch zooming and horizontal scrolling until we are ready to throw the phone on the ground! …well, maybe not all of us want to destroy the device, but I’m sure you have felt a similar level of frustration at some point.

If your website isn’t responsive, you are missing out on business, no ifs, buts, or maybes. It’s happening right now. People are visiting your site on a wide variety of devices and the first element of content that is illegible is there first reason to head for the door and look elsewhere.

If you are not already viewing this page on your smartphone (there’s a pretty good chance you are!) pick it up now and look up your own website. Go ahead, I’ll wait – come back when you’ve had a look and we’ll continue.

You’re back, good! Now, I think  you’ve most likely had one of three experiences:

  1. Total disaster – our site is unusable on mobile devices
  2. We can scrape by – our site works, but it’s a compromise, horizontal scrolling and zooming in and out to view elements is a must
  3. Fantastic – our site is responsive, big breath out and relax (if you still made it back to this page, thanks! I hope I can add some more value)

Responsive website design is a result of the explosion in mobile internet usage, in 2013 90% of smartphone users accessed the internet from their smartphone daily. Trying to read tiny text on a smartphone or tablet, or touch a microscopic navigation link is enough to make anyone hit the back button and head off looking for an alternative site, that at the most basic level is legible on their device.

If think of that being a bit like locking the front door to your business and only letting in customers that are sitting at a desk! Seems like a crazy idea? That can be the effect a non-responsive website has on your business.

Open the door to customers on smartphones and tablets, this growing market is looking for your business now. Speak to us today and discover the advantages of responsive website design and how we can turn a locked door into an inclusive experience for your customers.

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