Offroad but online – e-commerce in a niche market

E-commerce in a niche

Last year we redesigned and rebuilt an e-commerce website for a client in a niche market – they sell extremely high quality off-road four wheel drive accessories, that are designed in-house and proudly manufacture in Australia.

In completing this phase of the project we addressed:

  • Vast improvements in the front-end user experience
  • Improved the search engine visibility of the site (without any SEO effort)
  • Implemented a new Content Management System that the client now actually enjoys using to update the site and add new products

Of critical importance, Off Road Downunder now have a website developer on the other end of the phone that is responsive, proactive and invested in the success of their website and their business

The results have been a clear doubling of organic traffic due to the structural optimisation and cleaner coding of the site, and a sales graph that has a nicely progressing upward curve. With a broad range of marketing opportunities still untouched for this business, the future potential for growth in the marketplace is still very healthy. Never underestimate getting the best possible foundations (off road suspension?) in place, it makes future growth a much more comfortable journey.

If you are into four wheel driving and only the best products will do, or you would just like to install a fridge in your vehicle and need the advice and the right gear to support this, check out what Off Road Downunder has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

If you operate a business in a niché market, selling a premium product in an online store, and that store is not performing as well as you would like,  we’d love to hear from you today.

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