Less fog, more function

Business websites can have a tendency to become very broad, attempting to appeal to every possible customer or client, things can get a little blurry, the fog settles in over the valley and it’s hard to make out the forest for the trees.

The journey probably started off well intended and everyone was full of enthusiasm to take on the challenges that lay ahead. But there are always distractions along the way and niggling thoughts “maybe we should have gone left at the last fork in the road instead of right.”

Developing a successful website is much more about strategy than font colour, or what CMS the site is built on. Creating a clear and concise road map that begins at the desired outcome and works it’s way back to the starting point, is critical to the success of any serious website project.

Some questions you should be asking when drawing a map to a successful website journey:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are you offering?
  • How will you best reach your audience?
  • What would you like them to do once they have been reached?

This approach to web site strategy is most applicable to businesses that are looking for a concise result from their website investment, and that are willing to go on that journey to discover those results. Fortune favours the brave as they say!

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