The Brief

Surfcoast Tree Services (SCTS) had identified the value of a having a great website but were struggling with a self-built site, and not knowing if they were heading in the right direction. They were also in the process of updating their business name and branding to better represent their service offering. SCTS was looking to present the business professionally online, generate new leads through organic search results, and highlight the level of expertise they deliver on every project. 

With a new focus on winning larger tenders, presenting the business appropriately was critical.

Our Approach

We started the project by researching the arborist industry, to uncover what marketing strategies the competition were employing and what was gaining traction online. Uncovering the opportunities were available to gain the best results for SCTS.

With a combination of consultation with SCTS and the results of our research,  we mapped out the site architecture and developed a content plan, with a focus on the available opportunities.

SCTS engaged a professional copywriter to help produce high value, clear and concise content for the website and SCTS was able to provide an abundance of great images for use on the site.  With a focus on generating business and having customers make contact, we have built the content around specific needs and encouraged contact at relevant points, and have positioned the phone number, email contact, and quote request option prominently on all content pages.

Further design elements and imagery assist in presenting SCTS as a professional business that can be trusted to provide exceptional service.

Our website design provides an image rich, modern and responsive experience for visitors, that represents the progressive nature of the SCTS brand and business.

The Result

SCTS now have a progressive online presence that will allow them to develop additional content, demonstrate their expertise and attract new customers.

They can now submit large tenders with the confidence that visiting their website will convey the appropriate information, image and messaging for them to be considered an excellent choice.