The Brief

Spelling Heroes is an App that has been developed to assist children in learning to spell and write the 100 most common words in the English language. Developing an App is a serious undertaking and is only matched by the need to market it once complete. Publishing an App and hoping it gains recognition amongst 2 million (and counting) others, is a gamble at very best. Spelling Heroes required a platform that would allow promotion and a key point of education for the target market.

Our Approach

Developing the website for Spelling Heroes, we employed a user-centric approach, our goal being, demonstrating the App in action, answering any pre-purchase questions and enabling purchasers to gain the most value from the product.

Through the use of video and simple imagery directly from the App, we have outlined the process of using the App in various scenarios and environments, from classrooms to home and independent learning. We also guided the client in the content generation process, uncovering the reason the App was developed and the authenticity that shines through in the product.

The Result

Spelling Heroes now has a marketing platform that they can direct leads to, where they will discover what the App is about, who it is for and what it can do. Right down to video walkthroughs of the App in use, and adding additional word lists. Customers can now see exactly what they are going to get and make an informed decision as to it’s suitability before making a purchase.