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Customer Testimonial

I approached Luke Hallam to create a website for my business in March 2013. I had a few ideas about the sort of website I needed and had a budget set aside for the project. I felt confident when I met Luke as he was quickly able to grasp what it was that I needed, making me feel confident that I would get the outcome I desired.

At all times whilst working on this project I found Luke to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding aspects of the website design process. He was very approachable, flexible and easy to liaise with at all times. It was a relief for me to have someone capable handling this vital aspect of my new business.

The website design Luke developed looks professional, is attractive and easy to navigate both for the user and for me as administrator. I have had very positive feedback from clients and visitors since it was launched a few months ago. I am very happy with the final product!

Jane Robotham
Soul Clarity


Jane’s Soul Clarity business has experienced a recent boost in growth and potential reach. We have been able to seamlessly evolve her website to meet her changing needs. Expanding on the visual presentation and functional communication tools she now has at her disposal.


A straight forward communication platform is the basis of any successful website and that is exactly what we have developed for Jane from Soul Clarity.

Jane Robotham is a Personal Effectiveness Facilitator who coaches individuals and groups using the Siramarti Personal Growth Process. This is a self-transformation program designed for those seeking a more joyful experience in navigating the turbulent world of the early twenty-first century.

Advanced functionality not required? No worries, we have simple starter packages that will suit the simplest of applications.


Jane Robotham from Soul Clarity required an online communication tool to represent her new consulting practice. As it was early stages for her business a flexible solution was a must, with the ability to evolve the content on the website, as the business evolves was imperative.


Jane, a first-time website owner, required a straightforward content management tool that allowed her to dive in and manage her site content. We have developed a cost-effective and flexible tool that can grow and develop with her business as needed. Content is king on the Soul Clarity website and we have removed any superfluous distractions from the users view, allowing for clear and concise communication and engagement.