How do you use google analytics to improve your website?

google analytics usage

Do you have google analytics installed on your website? There’s probably a good chance you do if your web developer has a basic understanding that your goals are to achieve something online.

Next, do you check them frequently to check where your website traffic is coming from, which content they are looking at, how long they stick around, and which page they often exit the site from? Chances are you don’t unless you have an online marketing plan in place. One that ensures you monitor the results of effort applied, rinse and repeat with changes applied.

The greatest challenge, and also the greatest advantage of online marketing is that it is fluid, dynamic and adjustable. Analytics are hugely powerful when you take action in relation to the data. Measure, modify and measure again, it’s called optimisation for a reason and it’s an ongoing process.

Update your plugins, everything will be fine…

update your website plugins and core

Well, most of the time it will be. If you have a WordPress website, one day this will be you; Have you had that experience, the one where you cross our fingers, hit the update button and hope everything works out? We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t you’re probably not updating your software, which is a disaster waiting to happen, but that’s a tale for another day.

We see updates break things pretty often, it’s the nature of website management, especially websites of value that have advanced features, that have been customised to deliver specific results. Updates can break functionality. A perfect case in point is a recent update to WooCommerce on a clients site that broke a plugin that was supplying this funky little flyout shopping cart in the header of the site. WooCommerce released an update (that included security patches, as they often do). Once WooCommerce was updated the site no longer displayed, just the very top bar of the layout, nothing else! Read More…

The other website maintenance

Do you manage the content on your website, write blog posts, respond to customer inquiries, complete sales, and posts products out to customers?

The last thing you need is to see is your website out of action, probably not as extreme, but a bit like showing up to work to find your shop has burnt to the ground!

What’s the plan if your WordPress site gets hacked, defaced or accidentally damaged? Do you have backups in place? Do you know how to restore your site from a backup, and do you think you’ll have time to learn once something goes wrong? Read More…