How do you use google analytics to improve your website?

google analytics usage

Do you have google analytics installed on your website? There’s probably a good chance you do if your web developer has a basic understanding that your goals are to achieve something online.

Next, do you check them frequently to check where your website traffic is coming from, which content they are looking at, how long they stick around, and which page they often exit the site from? Chances are you don’t unless you have an online marketing plan in place. One that ensures you monitor the results of effort applied, rinse and repeat with changes applied.

The greatest challenge, and also the greatest advantage of online marketing is that it is fluid, dynamic and adjustable. Analytics are hugely powerful when you take action in relation to the data. Measure, modify and measure again, it’s called optimisation for a reason and it’s an ongoing process.

website design – beyond the interface

Website Design goes beyond the interface. There, I’ve said it!

website design - beyond the interfaceDesign can be defined in many ways and is a very general term that plays a role (good or bad) in any encounters that involve ‘created’ objects or experiences.

Website design can include custom designed content, such as sub-branding or specifically designed landing pages to market your products or services to a niche, and can deliver terrific targeted results.

Infographics can be used to explain complex concepts to your customers, presenting the features and benefits of buying from you, or helping you clearly define your point of difference in the market. How are you leveraging design as a tool within the content of your website?


How are you leveraging design as a tool within the content of your website?

Marketing strategies for accountants

marketing for accountants

If you’re an accountant, or in any seemingly generic field of business, how the hell can you market your business?

Any marketing strategy worth investing in needs to have clear goals, and plans in place that outline how they will be achieved. If you are looking for a method to develop a strategy that works better than generic “We’ll do your tax return” me too advertising.

It is not uncommon for businesses to get a little stuck on the fact that you can, and do service anyone and everyone.

That’s not a problem in running a business, it is, however, a problem when attempting to market that business. It’s too broad a brush stroke and any message that speaks to “everyone” will be so generic it won’t entice anyone to buy your product or service.

How do you get around this? You need to segment your marketing efforts, decide on a few valuable niches and develop an offer that will be appealing to them. Some segmentation factors worth considering: Read More…

Update your plugins, everything will be fine…

update your website plugins and core

Well, most of the time it will be. If you have a WordPress website, one day this will be you; Have you had that experience, the one where you cross our fingers, hit the update button and hope everything works out? We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t you’re probably not updating your software, which is a disaster waiting to happen, but that’s a tale for another day.

We see updates break things pretty often, it’s the nature of website management, especially websites of value that have advanced features, that have been customised to deliver specific results. Updates can break functionality. A perfect case in point is a recent update to WooCommerce on a clients site that broke a plugin that was supplying this funky little flyout shopping cart in the header of the site. WooCommerce released an update (that included security patches, as they often do). Once WooCommerce was updated the site no longer displayed, just the very top bar of the layout, nothing else! Read More…

Do you own your domain name?

do you own your domain

Do you own your domain name? You really should, and it’s pretty simple why you should.

It sounds pretty obvious, right? It’s your domain name, you own it, you control it, and no one else. It is amazing how often this is not the case, we come across the same situation every day in our business.

The story is generally the same. “We had this guy/girl (usually a guy) build our website for us, it was never really that great, but we thought it was pretty good at the time. It took a little longer to finish than expected – maybe three times the length of time he estimated – but it all worked out. We needed some changes made a little while after the site went live and these took a while too. Eventually, the designer became really hard to get in contact with and harder to get any changes made to the site. Now we can’t seem to get in contact at all, we are pretty sure he has moved on and is no longer in business…” Read More…

Less fog, more function

can't see the forest for the trees

Business websites can have a tendency to become very broad, attempting to appeal to every possible customer or client, things can get a little blurry, the fog settles in over the valley and it’s hard to make out the forest for the trees.

The journey probably started off well intended and everyone was full of enthusiasm to take on the challenges that lay ahead. But there are always distractions along the way and niggling thoughts “maybe we should have gone left at the last fork in the road instead of right.” Read More…

We love building the best website solutions with WordPress

WordPress do's and don'ts

WorPress, like any tall poppy, can cop a fair bit of flack from the vocal minority over it’s vulnerabilities. It is the most popular website platform in the world right now and with that comes a few negatives (that can be managed and often overcome) More here: The WordPress isn’t insecure – you are! It also comes with a huge list of upsides that can be taken advantage of and leveraged very successfully in all sorts of ways. Read More…

The other website maintenance

Do you manage the content on your website, write blog posts, respond to customer inquiries, complete sales, and posts products out to customers?

The last thing you need is to see is your website out of action, probably not as extreme, but a bit like showing up to work to find your shop has burnt to the ground!

What’s the plan if your WordPress site gets hacked, defaced or accidentally damaged? Do you have backups in place? Do you know how to restore your site from a backup, and do you think you’ll have time to learn once something goes wrong? Read More…

Life coach / business development

The journey of a Life Coach

A couple of years ago Jane approached me, she needed a website but wasn’t sure where to start.

She was taking the first steps in leaving her nursing career to start her own life coaching and wellness business, within the niche market of nurses. A daunting process for anyone making a shift after a long career. Read More…

Responsive website design – this is right now

Have you shut the front door on mobile visitors?

We’ve all had that experience, you fight your way through a website on your phone to find some important piece of information that is relevant to you right here and now, pinch zooming and horizontal scrolling until we are ready to throw the phone on the ground! …well, maybe not all of us want to destroy the device, but I’m sure you have felt a similar level of frustration at some point.

If your website isn’t responsive, you are missing out on business, no ifs, buts, or maybes. It’s happening right now. People are visiting your site on a wide variety of devices and the first element of content that is illegible is there first reason to head for the door and look elsewhere. Read More…